Jamboree and other info...

Hello COUGARS Football Fans!

As you know,we are heading to Leduc on Sunday for the annual Jamboree. In case you aren't familiar with this, here are the "need to know's"...

1) It is a day long event. Rain or shine. This year weather is looking to be more on the SHINE side of things. MUCH more. 

2) our first game is at 9:00am PLAYERS MUST BE DRESSED AND READY TO HIT THE FIELD FOR 8:00

3) Depending on the field we will be playing at, there may be bleachers. However, I do recommend bringing your lawn chairs. 

4) It will be half field, Jamboree style games.

5) As with ANY of our football events/games/practices, parents are NOT allowed on the field. Please stay on the OPPOSITE side of the field.

6) PACK A LUNCH! There is a concession, however, the line is usually long and it is concession food. NOT the best for optimal athletic performance. A lunch, snacks, fruit and LOTS of WATER please. ABSOLUTELY NO NUTS OR PRODUCTS CONTAINING NUTS!!! WE HAVE SEVERE ALLERGIES ON THE TEAM.

* There is a 2 hour break between our second and third game. Coach Rob has approved the players leaving WITH their parents, getting out of the heat for a bit if your choose, however they MUST be back at the field are ready to go again for 1:00.

7) The players will be wearing their SILVER practice pants. It will probably be too hot to worry about long game socks, so whatever they are comfortable in. Shawn will be handing out jerseys on Sunday. *please keep in mind: the number your player wears this weekend may not be their number for the season.  These are our old jerseys, we wont be keeping them for the season. 

8) Have your players bring there entire game bag! This is VERY important! During the breaks, players take off their gear. It gets mixed up if they don't put it in their bags. (I'm not even kidding.  LOL!)

9) CHEER LOUD!!!! Be fair. Have FUN! Keep in mind your Parent Code of Conduct.

10) PLEASE be SURE Lynnette has your players inhalers, epi-pen's ect. 

11) Sunscreen would be a REALLY good idea.

Any questions? 

Let me know!

See You At The Field!




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